The 6 Best Wireless Microphone Headsets for Church in 2020

We have said time and again that nothing has been left behind in this technological revolution, we mean absolutely NOTHING. Even the church itself has not been left behind in this evolution because we can gladly inform you that every church equipment and instrument is up to date.

From the handheld boom speakers where you had to speak directly to, today we are going to touch base on its dynamic improvement which is the wireless microphone headset. You will love every aspect of this piece of equipment and if you are not yet wowed by the world’s technological advancement, this will surely impress your Pharaoh’s stone heart.

Wireless microphone headset is an advanced improvement from the basic hefty metal mic and maze of wires that had to snake around you all through the sermon you could easily trip over them. There are several brands of these microphones available in the market today but here is a comprehensive list of the best.

1. Countryman E6 (Best Overall Headset Only)

Countryman E6OW5T2SL Springy E6 Omnidirectional Earset

This small powerful condenser mic is omnidirectional and unobtrusive. It is designed to deliver high-quality voice pick-up while rejecting the surrounding noise and feedback. This means that you will not have to struggle to have yourself heard over the masses, roars, and jeers amid the sermons. Its performance is smooth and perfect.

The mic is designed to be subtle yet so powerful unlike the ones used back in the day which stuck out like sore thumbs and produced some high-pitched irritating sounds from time to time. Especially when someone stepped on one of the mazes of wires. On the contrary, this modern set is almost invisible until you speak to it.

They produce excellent sound and it is very easy to use and carry around. All you need to do is to clip it over your ear and voila. The thin boom is adjusted very close to the mouth and once switched on it stays that way until switched off. It is secured tightly on the ears and besides that, this mic is superior in quality and it gives you that free hand to attend to other things as you speak.


  • Features standard gain sensitivity.
  • Has a classic /springy boom.
  • Features Duramax aramid-reinforced cable.
  • It is omnidirectional and unobtrusive.
  • Delivers high-quality voice pick-up.
  • Rejects surrounding noise and feedback.
  • It is lightweight but capable of handling max 120SPL.
  • The boom is durable and easy to manipulate.


  • Had to fit.
  • The instructional video is not helpful.

2. Audio Technica Microset (Runner-up Headset Only)

Audio Technica Microset Omni Condenser Headworn Microphone in Black


This gadget comes not only with several accessories but also a host of impressive features you would ever want in a wireless microphone headset. The SEO word for this mic is extremely remarkable Usability. In fact, when you are out shopping for a wireless microphone, this is a feature that should top your list.

This microphone is designed to offer a clear delivery and minimal feedback in order to improve the clarity of your voice. This means that no interference will carry through the sound system. Breathe, air pops, or unwanted equipment sounds are canceled to give a clear voice delivery that is projected to the mass all thanks to the omnidirectional polar pattern.

This microphone boom is lightweight and mobile. All you need to do is to hook it to your ear and move to the mouth for versatility. It is a high performance and very easy to use. All you need to do is to hook and unhook it from your ear. This equipment also comes with windscreens and element covers to be used during the outdoor functions.


  • Comes with an element covering windscreens and cable clip.
  • Features a condenser mic.
  • It is lightweight and easy to use.
  • Features omnidirectional polar pattern.
  • Capable of handling max 122 SPL.
  • Features a clothing clip, moisture clip, and carrying case.
  • Easy to move around the ear and mouth.
  • Allows you to multitask.
  • Highly versatile.
  • Low profile mic but high performance.


  • Non-available.


3. Samson SE0T (Best Budget Headset Only)

Samson SE10T Earset Microphone with Miniature Condenser Capsule


This is a micro-miniature wireless microphone headset with a 3mm condenser capsule. It is designed to be light in weight to ease portability and it is a high-level performer at a professional level. So, if you are nervously looking at your wallet but you still have to leave the shop with a microphone headset, this is a perfect choice because it is cost-friendly.

This wireless microphone headset is very small in size but with an omnidirectional polar pattern. This element ensures a crisp delivery of voice across the sound system. This also means that there will be no interference from the outside sound like the air movements and breathing. This mic is seamlessly loud, clear, and with zero interference.

This microphone is adjustable, and you can resize it to fit perfectly and snug on your ear. It is also lightweight and very comfortable therefore you won’t feel agitated once you mount it on your ear before mounting on that podium. It is almost unnoticeable w-once you wear it on your ear but what makes it one of the best in its reliability. It cannot let you down.



  • Features a micro-miniature condenser with a 3 mm capsule.
  • Omnidirectional pick-up pattern.
  • Fits on the ear and retains a band holds the mic in place.
  • Features a micro resistant coating.
  • Has a detachable cable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Compatible with a variety of wireless transmitters.
  • Handles max 140 SPL.
  • Comes with 3 windscreens and a cable clip.


  • Cannot be used with non-wireless mixers or equipment.


4. Samson Airline Micro (Best Value Transmitter + Headset)


This lightweight wireless microphone headset is unobtrusive and definitely wire-free. The design does not need a bodypack with the wireless transmitter in the unit. This microphone is therefore very easy to take on and off for multiple speakers especially during an event like a church service when delivering a sermon.

This microphone headset is very easy to recharge and has a designed docking system. This helps to reduce the probability of batteries running low when you are in the middle of your delivery. The cordless nature of this headset microphone will allow you to move freely and multitask while delivering your keynote speech all at the same time.

For clear and detailed sound over the voice system, this wireless microphone headset has an omnidirectional polar pattern. This in itself is an ideal cordless wireless option that you can use any time, anywhere to deliver your keynote speech and leave everybody satisfied with a message loudly and well received.



  • Features a condenser microphone.
  • Has an omnidirectional polar pattern.
  • The mic and the transmitter are moisture-proof.
  • Has rechargeable life and its respective docking system.
  • The battery can last up to 10hrs.
  • It has a storage carrying case for safety.
  • It is lightweight and easy to use.
  • Has muting features.
  • Features a USB DC input for power and recharging.
  • Low-profile wireless receiver.
  • Comes with an AC adapter and charging cables.
  • Balanced audio output.


  • Non found yet.


5. Shure BLX14R (Runner-up Headset + Transmitter)

Shure BLX14R MX53 Rack Mount Wireless Microphone System


You will definitely love this wireless microphone headset with microprocessor-controlled internal antenna diversity. Besides a host of remarkable features, this microphone comes with multiple accessories that include; a single-channel wireless receiver, bodypack transmitter, single and dual rackmount kit, and a zippered transmitter bag. Besides that, it features a [power supply and AA batteries.

If you are looking for something cheap and easy to use to start you off this is the perfect choice because it comes with additional accessories to get you started with. The subminiature earset microphone offers a discreet placement on any speaker. It also ensures vocal clarity and it is designed as an over the ear equipment which is very comfortable and lightweight.

This microphone also features an omnidirectional polar pattern. It also has a small condenser mic for excellent sound without too much attention to it. Let’s say that it is a subtle kind of microphone. Because of the quality sound it produces, it offers the best professional solution at an affordable rate. This microphone is reliable with remarkable performance.


  • Its quick scan frequency quickly locates the best frequency.
  • Features a micro-processor controlled internal antenna diversity.
  • Has up to 12 compatible systems per frequency band.
  • Comes with a single-channel wireless receiver.
  • Features an omnidirectional polar pattern.
  • The LCD on the receiver.
  • It is an over the ear design.
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern.
  • Has a condenser mic.


  • It utilizes the batteries too fast.
  • The audio it produces is not remarkable.


6. Pyle Dual Channel (Best Budget Transmitter + Headset)

Pyle Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System


This microphone headset features a dual-frequency and broad audio response range with low distortion. This way you will be able to enjoy cordless speech with the freedom of mobility and multitasking while speaking or singing at the same time. This equipment is ideal for people who are looking at their wallets nervously because they are budget-friendly.

Comparing the price with the accessories and the features that accompany this device, we could say that this is outright steal. This microphone will definitely give you value for your money. It features a volume control system therefore you get to decide the loudness and the lowness of the boom. If you have a large or a small crowd teeming, you adjust the volume accordingly.

The microphones on this device are accessible across two channels. It extends to use for two speakers at a time. The dual-channel also ensures that there is low distortion sound on a cordless system designed with ease of use and the quality auto capturing. This device is lightweight, and it is easy to adjust to fit snug and firm on your ear.


  • Has a dual-frequency channel.
  • Has a broad audio response range with minimal distortion.
  • Has a stable signal and clear sound.
  • It is a hands-free mic.
  • Ideal for professional engagements.
  • Features an independent mic volume control.
  • Allows to balance vocals as desired.
  • Convenient power ON/Off switch.
  • LED status signal indicator light.
  • Dual independent antenna for easy operation.
  • Omnidirectional polar mic.
  • Condenser mic.


  • Complaints on poor customer support or no support at all.
  • The quality isn’t as excellent as advertised.
  • Produces unpleasant glitchy sounds.


7. Audio Technica 3000 (Honorable Mention)


If you are out hunting for a wireless microphone headset for professional purposes, perhaps you should give this one a shot. It features an amazing, compact condenser mic with very lightweight accessories that are very easy to use and very long-lasting. We can safely say that this one is a premium quality microphone headset.

Its deliverance is superior in quality from its unobtrusive condenser microphone. It also features an omnidirectional polar pattern that is designed to capture the speaker’s voice in total clarity with no interference or feedback from the surrounding environment. Not even the breath sound or the air.

It comes with two cable clips and windscreens and is designed to operate at peak efficiency within the congested UHF spectrum. It maximizes the natural sounds for clarity and keeps the interference sounds at very minimum levels. You will have a great seamless experience if you decide to invest in this superior quality wireless microphone headset.


  • Features omnidirectional polar pattern.
  • Has a condenser microphone.
  • Dual ear mic included.
  • Comes with a moisture guard and carrying case.
  • 100 m operating range.
  • Comes with 2 cables clips, windscreens, and element covers.
  • Superior in quality.
  • Efficient in the congested UHF spectrum.
  • Maximize clarity, minimize interference.
  • It is a professional level headset.
  • Lightweight and very easy to use.
  • It is long-lasting (durable).


  • A bit technical as compared to the others listed.


In Conclusion

Using a headset microphone is more convenient because of their versatility and flexibility. It is also a very sophisticated way to make your keynote speech. As opposed to the handheld microphones and the ones that require confusing wirings, these ones are remarkably reliable. They also give you that freedom to move across the stage while multitasking like holding a speech or a bible. Besides that, these wireless microphone headsets are lightweight and easy to switch on and off.


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