The 8 Best Online Singing Lessons in 2020

Online classes and lessons are first becoming the rage right.  I am afraid that if we are not careful enough, the physical classes and attending school might soon go the way of the dinosaurs.

The hustle and bustle of leaving home in a sloppy hurry, then getting stuck in traffic then you are finally in school a few minutes late and you can’t quite figure out where the class was relocated to and you have to race up all those stairs. I mean who wouldn’t want to see it in front of their computers half dressed, snacking away at the comfort of their beds as they attend their lessons?

If you have that strong voice and your heart won’t just let you be until you have practiced those vocals to thoroughness, most singing lessons have gone this path online. There are many singing lessons you can attend online, and you will simply get the best you would if you were to attend physical classes.

Here is a list of some of the best singing lessons you can come across online.

1.     30 Day Singer

We all must admit that 30 Day Singer this is the most impressive online Singing lessons you can ever get. Their engaging private singing lessons are very impressive and very encouraging that you would be tempted to learn singing even if you are not blessed with good vocals. Perhaps what makes this online class the queen bee of them all is their tone of unmatched experience in this competitive field.

Once you log into their website, the arrangement of their program is what will guide you. It is clear, straightforward, and pointing to a certain direction you are headed to. First, you will come across the Beginner Courses which is ideal for you if you are altogether a newbie in singing and you wish to start from scratch. Here you get to meet highly qualified vocal instructors, test them, and pick your teacher. Did you ever have that golden chance to pick your teacher?

But of course, you will not be a newbie forever. Eventually, you have to move from the beginner course to the Advanced Courses. Here, they have six tutors to impart their singing knowledge to you. There is also a Singing Tricks and Techniques lesson and there is the Warmups and Vocal Health. We all agree that their modules tentatively cover everything, and their interface is worth every penny in your bank account.

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2.     The Vocalist Studio

Let’s just say that The Vocalist Studio is designed to teach you vocal freedom. According to them, they teach people to train their vocal muscles so that they can sing in any style with full artistic freedom. They further claim to be like gym coaches for your voice. This could be a truthful claim because their main focus is to work your vocals into perfection.

Their programs are designed to delve deep into the wisdom and knowledge in the singing field. How deep they will take you is unmatched in this industry and you will just come out with a wealth of knowledge. Simply put, this course will simply teach you just about anything. What more could you possibly want?

Navigating through their courses on their website is simple and easy. You can also have a zoom meeting with the founder and the methodological designer himself Robert Lunte. He is a vocal coach with a wealth of 20 plus years of teaching experience. The only deal-breaker for this awesome online singing school is that it lacks a community forum.

3.     Roger Love’s Singing Academy

Roger Love himself has shaped and helped the Oscar-winning singers to reach and touch the stars. That is not all, he has also helped screen actors guild and dozens of Grammy awards winners. In your honest opinion, who wouldn’t want to train with the best? The same secret method he imparted on these stars is the very same ones he will impart on you. So, what will stop you?

The academy has split its program into 3 levels with over 100 lessons. You also get bonus exercises, tutorials, and warmups. Their lesson layout is straightforward and comprehensive, and you will find it very easy to navigate around without a need for any guidance. The best news is that you only get to purchase the levels as you progress from the 1st level towards the 3rd.

The lesson structure is simple and easy to follow. Most of their lessons are prerecorded videos. To know how it feels like and how they do it, there are 4 free lessons available for you to learn more about the course and what they teach. The only deal-breaker which they might soon work on is the video quality which isn’t as good as the other courses.

4.     Singorama Online Singing Lessons

If you are looking to get that wealth of knowledge in the singing industry and at the same time save a few dollars in your wallet, Singorama is probably what you are looking for. This is a relatively low-cost solution especially if you are financially struggling but you still need those lessons.

You get to the part with only $67 for the entire course that entails 28 audio lessons, 20 vocal exercises, and 3 completely original songs to learn. That is not all, the course will come with an extra free giveaway like 4 free eBooks, a metronome, a mini recording studio software, and access to Jayde Música.

Each lesson will take about 20 minutes between pauses for practice runs. This means that each session will take between 35-45 minutes. This is made even easier by the spread out of 28 MP3s. The deal breakers in this course are that they only use MP3s and no videos whatsoever. Over 30% of the course discusses some things that are quite irrelevant and out of contexts like stage fright and anxiety. Besides that, this would be the cheapest but a very good course I would recommend.

5.     Superior Singing Method

Superior Singing Method is all about proper technique and training. The course is designed to help you navigate through the nuances of how to sing and to build on your abilities as a person. This course has a lot to promise at the end of the course. According to them, you will be able to master control, gain power, and to widen your range and scope.

You might at first get nervous about enrolling in this course because you are required to dig deep into your wallet. Which doesn’t do justice anyway for someone struggling to make the ends meet and still need the course. But this is like having a personal vocal instructor coaching you throughout your foundations of singing.

Some of the things you will get to learn from the Superior Singing Method include Vocal control, Perfect pitch, Quality tone, vocal power, Vocal agility, mixed voice, vocal range, and advanced singing techniques. What more would you be looking for elsewhere? You get over 50 vocal lessons videos and 31 exclusive vocal exercises.

6.     Vox Singing Academy

Vox Singing Academy Australia’s Best singing lessons since 1993. The lessons are designed for both children and adults from the beginner level up. The lessons are designed to help you improve your confidence, range, breathing, pitch, tone, stamina, strength, technique, control, stage presentation, and much more.

This academy is run by Peter Vox who personally trains his teachers for the academy. He has 28 years of teaching experience and he is a recording artist, singer, and songwriter. All these can only mean one thing, that you get to learn from the best and borrow from their wealth of experience and vast knowledge in the singing industry.

Their courses are structured in levels and it all begins from the entry to the pro level. The course comes with a free few lessons and personal singing comes between 6 and 12 months of membership. Compared to others, the best feature of this course is the exam level where you get a certificate award at the end of the day.

7.     Ken Tamplin’s Vocal Academy

Ken Tamplin has over 30years of touring, recording, and studying voice with the world’s top vocal coaches. Ken has 40 commercially released CDs and over 100 million YouTube views. Ken is just the right man to turn you into that vocal monster by imparting all his wealth of experience and knowledge he has managed to amass over the years.

He focuses on teaching technique and vocal health and the course involves three basic modules. Here you will find more material in the pro packs and private lessons in the golden pack. You also get unlimited access to the course any time any day as you search to glean from the best and strengthen those vocals.

The course also features cool features like forums with the moderators and view of the real lessons. This means that you can get to learn in real-time. Especially now that technology is getting better and easier by the day. You can access 1 coaching via webcam or 1 on 1 coaching in their studios across some parts.

8.     Voice Essential

Dr. Dan’s Voice Essential is so much more than a suite of exercises designed to improve the voice for genres like Rock, Pop, Country, RnB, Jazz, or Modern Music Theatre. This global community passionately pursues their vocal craft. This community is run by Dr. Dan who has over twenty years of teaching experience and 25 years of performing experience.

The course will touch and discuss 8 technical foundations for both beginners and intermediate. The course features 10 modules to be covered and 3 hours of video. Other cool features that come with this course include interactive quizzes, downloadable exercise tracks, and a free preview of the intro and 1st module of the course.

You also get unlimited access and enjoy every feature once you have activated your membership to be part of the course. The course is so interactive and very exciting you will love every bit of it. They allow you to experience your first singing attempt so that you can have something tangible to work on.

Factors to Consider for Singing Online Course

Cost- Singing lessons are naturally very expensive. Extremely expensive. But if you are keen and you look hard enough, you will realize that you can get far much more beneficial courses at very affordable costs. Traditional physical courses are the ones that are very uptight with their prices, but some online courses have gone that route too.

Compatibility- Look for a tutor whom you can relate well with you and take you to the great levels you aspire to be at. That would only come if your voice trainer is highly experienced in their field. Online is much beneficial because you get to test and experience each instructor before life interactions with them.

The Course Structure- Is the course you are joining offering what you really want? Look for lessons that offer pop if you want to grow into a popstar.


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